Information for Volunteers

Information for Volunteers

Membership for Volunteers

Volunteer 4 Africa provides all the information you need to start volunteering in Africa or make wish list donations.

How it works

  1. Search for a suitable volunteer job or internship
  2. Follow the instructions under 'How to Apply' or apply on website.
  3. If accepted, start organising your trip to Africa

Note: Members have exclusive access to some projects.

Wish lists

If you are solely interested in donating items from a wish list you need to make direct contact with your preferred project to arrange delivery of your goods.

Benefits of membership

  • Access to all website content
  • Submit and read project reviews
  • Share your travel stories on our blog
  • The option to contact previous volunteers
  • Eligibility for competitions and giveaways
  • Get advice and support whenever you need it
  • Nominate a project(s) for the Members Choice Award

Cost of Membership

Membershp is free but is offered on a limited basis. Visit our FAQs page for more information.

What our members say...

"I find your site meets all the needs I would expect it to. It is clean, easy to navigate and find what you are looking for and explains things informatively but concisely. I would encourage people I meet who are looking to volunteer in Africa and organisations already working in Africa to visit your site. Best wishes to all for the New Year." Hugh Anderson

“After trawling through numerous organizations that seem to be making large sums of money out of naive volunteers, it was very pleasing to find a source of what I would describe as true volunteering programs. This site has a wealth of available projects and information which I struggled to come across using generic search engines.” Helen Morgan

“During our two year work and travel experience through Africa we volunteered for a lot of organisations and by far V4A was the best source for great projects for not exorbitant cost! It seemed to us that V4A was one of the view organisations who cherish the idea of volunteering instead of making money with mostly teenagers who pay sometimes astronomically high amounts of money to be able to work for someone else! V4A is a splendid exception, we appreciate their work!” Ben and Claudia

"We found two volunteer placements through your site, both of which were excellent. Keep up the good work of being selective - it has been a real eye opener to us as to how many unethical volunteer placements are out there - particularly those involve in canned hunting and lion breeding.” Sally Florance

“I’m a V4A member and I found my volunteer project through you - it was such an amazing success I am now actually moving to South Africa permanently to actually run the project! SO I am super happy I came across you guys otherwise I may now be on a different path.” Rebekka Squire

“I am just writing to say thank you for what you are doing. Volunteering by its very nature is a form of currency and it is quite sick that so many charity organizations use volunteering to fund the owner’s lavish lifestyles. It is a trend that is spreading. Thank you for your website; it really does give one a wonderful choice that does not limit volunteering to only the very rich.” Shayna Beetge

“I just got back from Tanzania and am already planning on going back. The 3 weeks I spent in Arusha and Moshi were the best 3 weeks of my life. I cannot put into words how I feel right now. I found the whole experience wonderful and the orphanage made my trip even more interesting. Thank you for inspiring me.” Jean Freeman

“Hi Volunteer 4 Africa, I just wanted to say thank you - I have now found and been accepted onto a research volunteer project in South Africa, I would not have found the organisation without your help.” Debbie Walsh

“This site has given back my faith that cheap projects are available! I was dubious about paying to access the site but have to admit I've found V4A an invaluable tool for planning my trip.” Melissa Evans

“It isn't easy finding decent projects without silly prices but you guys deliver. So glad I found you on Facebook. Keep up the great work.” Nick Baker

“I thought I would get a word in to say that I have just had a wonderful 2 months in South Africa. Your website led me to one of the best experiences of my life and in that I have found a love for primates. Keep up the good work.” Danielle Enright

“This website has been most helpful. What a great service you guys provide! Many thanks.” Alex Page

“Volunteer 4 Africa is the best source of pointers to working volunteer (fair exchange of labour for living support) opportunities in Africa. Thank you!” Joanne Thibault

“Amazing number and variety of projects. It's great you feature many grassroots organizations.” Charlotte Barker

“I was surprised your site contained such a comprehensive list of projects. I have found exactly what I was looking for and head off to Kenya in early December. Thank you for your help.” Ben Morris

“This website has been brilliant and if all goes to plan will be heading off to Namibia in the next 3 months. I can't wait!” Daniel Slater

“I have registered with your website and have found the information very helpful. There are many opportunities throughout Africa, and most, if not all, have the necessary data to find a worthwhile volunteer experience with little worry or great expense. In fact, I am heading to Ghana in a month to volunteer for a human rights organization. Thank you.” Sean Wellington

“I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wide range of volunteering opportunities. I searched everywhere to find a suitable project and now I am spoilt for choice!” Luke Taylor

“Really useful site with many good projects throughout Africa.” Kathryn Brown