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Voluntary Work and Wish Lists

If you are seeking voluntary work in Africa or want to help organizations working tirelessly to tackle issues such as poverty or wildlife poaching without directly getting involved as a volunteer - you’ve found the right website.

There are essentially two ways of using this website. The first is to source a wide range of volunteer jobs and internships across Africa.

Rather than stuffing this website with as many organizations as possible, we’ve been very selective to ensure we meet the core goals of our organization: to offer affordable, motivating, legitimate, meaningful and safe volunteering experiences. As any search on the internet will testify it’s very easy to overwhelm prospective volunteers, thus making choosing a project very difficult. This website simplifies matters by listing some of the most effective and reliable independent and organized volunteer programs in Africa.

This website is designed to highlight projects where volunteers can make a genuine difference without an exorbitant price tag attached. It puts considerable emphasis on informing the user about a wide range of free and low-cost voluntary work opportunities in Africa. Thus, it is particularly useful for anyone wanting to get involved in African environmental and humanitarian efforts in a cost-effective manner.

Sprinkled throughout the projects page is an assortment of volunteer placement agencies. These are run by recruiters we feel offer effective volunteer placements without contradicting the central theme of our website. Although we strongly encourage independent volunteering we realise many people don’t feel confident about organizing their own placement and/or prefer the structure of an organized program with a support mechanism.

As well as providing useful information for anyone who is considering volunteering in Africa this website has a dual function - users can search for voluntary organizations needing supplies in the area they plan to visit. Even if you are only planning a short vacation you can still support organizations and projects in Africa that need equipment and resources by packing a few extra items in your luggage.

We decided to include the wish lists of organizations on this website as it advocates philanthropic travel, encouraging travellers to make a personal connection in the places they visit, by donating to organizations and projects that benefit people as well as the environment. There are many well-intentioned people who truly want to make a difference when they travel but simply don’t know where to begin. This website provides many gift ideas for travellers who would like to help in a more hands-on way.

Whatever capacity you want to volunteer for Africa - by contributing as a volunteer or providing aid as a traveller - this website provides everything you need to launch yourself into the wonderful world of volunteer and philanthropic travel.