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Tikondane is a vibrant grassroots community centre run for and by the people of Katete. Our mission is to fight poverty in Katete through better education, health and entrepreneurship; helping people to help themselves while maintaining their traditional values. Tiko has a multitude of projects to achieve this mission including an early childhood centre, home care for HIV/AIDS patients, teaching income generating activities like jam making, Permaculture efforts in the gardens, seminars for villagers on everything from 19 Steps Out of Poverty to health awareness, and so much more. Volunteers of all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome and encouraged to join a project or create their own. We are especially in need of individuals who can write grant applications and/or teach others how to write a grant.

Tikondane Community Centre

Project title
Community Volunteer

Project location
Katete, Eastern Province, Zambia

Elke Kroeger-Radcliffe

Year round

Basic English

Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 18+

There is no minimum or maximum time commitment

The volunteering here its FREE but we look after 70 extended families in an incredibly poor environment and malnutrition rampant. Therefore, we kindlily ask you to cover your own living expenses. A dorm bed is US$6 but you can get a room with ensuite for the same price if available. We have a restaurant with tasty international and local food. Prices by international standards are incredibly low, but you can also self-cater.


How to apply
Please contact our director, Elke, at

Please mention when responding to this ad.


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    • USB sticks and PENS, especially WITH AN IMPRINT are highly valued because they come from abroad, LAPTOPS we cant have enough
    • And basically anything that you don't need any more and can bring with you Will be so very welcome