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Butterfly Space is a unique community project which aims to bring together Malawians and passionate volunteers. Run alongside Butterfly lodge which is set in beautiful sprawling gardens next to the lake, our guiding principles are the surrounding community, respect for the environment and a desire to provide a welcoming space for volunteers. We are wholeheartedly involved in the community and have initiated several projects, both on and off site that volunteers can involve themselves in. These include Gulugufe Nursery, Nkhata Bay Community Information Room, Butterfly Youth Club and Special Needs Group, Permaculture School gardens and Environmental Demonstrations, Sports Teams, HIV support and Nutrition workshops, Adventure Playgrounds, Media Centre and Recording Room, Prison Ministry, Primary School, and a Disabled School Build. Volunteers are welcome to assist us in any of our longer term projects, finding an area that suits them most. Alternatively, if volunteers have a particular passion or skill, then we will do our best to help them get involved or set up something in that particular field. Longer term and more qualified volunteers can find more permanent attachments through the local Government, capacity building at a local level. We will ensure as far as possible, that everyone is involved in an area they are interested in. Because of the nature of the work here volunteers will be expected to be able to take the initiative and work on their own sometimes. We will endeavour to supply equipment and additional support, as and when they should be needed.

Butterfly Space

Project title
Volunteer Community Projects

Project location
Nkhata Bay, Malawi

Josie Redmonds

Year round


Who can volunteer?
Children, teenagers, adults, seniors of both sexes

Flexible but we encourage a month minimum so that both volunteers and the community get the most from the exchange.

We take no fees at all from volunteers and the only costs to volunteers are to cover their own living expenses. We do encourage volunteers to sign up for a one month volunteer package which is US$470 or equivalent and this entitles them to a month\'s accommodation in the dormitory, breakfast, evening meal, internet access, laundry and orientation on projects. People staying longer than a month can discuss a discount with us. We will also send all potential volunteers information about how to get here, their medical issues and other useful information on Malawi and travelling in the area.

We are pretty flexible and open to suggestions, so contact us if you are thinking of something that seems not to be covered here.

How to apply
Fill in our online form on our website and we will get back to you.

Please mention when responding to this ad.


5 Star Rating

'Diverse volunteer opportunities to help the local community at a great lodge'

Butterfly constantly offers volunteers the opportunity to get involved in one or many of more than a dozen diverse projects, including a primary school, nursery school, permaculture school gardens, information room & media center, environmental demonstrations, youth club, HIV group, disabled group and others. The owners of Butterfly, Josie and Alice, are always willing to explain all opportunities and provide suggestions of how you can get involved. It is a great feeling to give swimming lessons for the local children or help out in one of the schools, and as such really contributing to the future of these young Malawians. When you are not working there is the bar and lounge area to hang out in, read a book or chill. You can rent kayaks on-site and explore the lake or take the snorkel and glasses for a swim in the bay. Nkhata Bay village is just a 15 minutes stroll away and has many local stores to explore as well. Nkhata Bay is a really quiet little village and the local nightlife is well-worth exploring as well. I absolutely recommend to spend one or many months at Butterfly, having a great time for yourself while helping and volunteering there at the same time.

Philip Haarmann

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    • Art supplies for youth club (brushes, felt tip pens, coloured card)
    • Sports equipment including kits and shoes
    • Laptops
    • Mobile phones
    • Tools
    • Sewing machines/knitting machines
    • Teaching resources, (dictionaries, books, toys, wall charts, props, etc)
    • Medical supplies (asthma inhalers, hydrogel, insulin, sun cream for albinos)
    • Clothing
    • Bedding
    • Blankets
    • Vegetable seeds
    • Garden tools
    • Voice recorders
    • Cameras
    • Computer editing software
    • Films/CD-ROMs