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Liberty Development Foundation (LIDEFO) is a community based organization established in the year 2002 and registered under registration number 120931, to support practices that accelerate the progress of human development with a view to eradicate poverty and extreme hunger.

The volunteer we are requesting for shall fill the position of (i) Marketing & Communication, (ii) Education Development & Management, (iii) Travel & Tourism Development; (iv) Resource Mobilisation and Fundraising (v) Fish Farming (vi) Beekeeping Development.

We welcome candidates that are interested in new and challenging experiences and can work in dynamic environments. The chosen candidate needs to have some understanding in the fields of management, administration, ICT and public relations. It is desirable that they have an interest in development, community based work and a passion for the poor and disadvantaged people.


Project title
Seed of Hope Initiatives

Project location
Kasese Municipality, western Uganda

Daniel Ngangasi

Year round


Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 20+

4 weeks to 3 months

LIDEFO Uganda being a charity, currently does not pay an allowance due to financial constraints, however we kindly request a monthly contribution of US$100 for administration support such as to provide the volunteer with internet services and accommodation.

All volunteers will have a local mentor who will be fluent in English and will educate them about the local culture and traditions. There are various social activities that are available within the area such as visits to national parks to view local animals such as elephants and lions; white water rafting; trips to Kampala, Uganda's buzzing capital; and visits to traditional villages.

How to apply
To apply for the volunteering vacancies please send email to An official application form will be sent to the prospective volunteer.

Please mention when responding to this ad.


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