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The main objective of the Innovative Health Improvement Work Camps Project is: "To improve grass root communities' health statuses and environmental conservation levels in Kayunga region through improved Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) levels, setting up accessible - equitably distributed clean - safe water sources, bottle-brick rain water harvesting tanks and cheap affordable bottle-brick toilets to improve toilet coverage within remote rural communities".

BUVAD along with beneficiary communities hand dig to set up safe water sources in convenient sites. BUVAD also trains community in basic water, sanitation and hygiene skills. We are a volunteer run organization and we need volunteers to work along with community in hand digging for water and educating communities on basic WASH skills.

BUVAD along with volunteers, through community work camps located at a community primary school, trains communities in constructing of durable, affordable and mend-able rain water harvesting tanks using waste plastic bottles as bricks to conserve the environment and improve water storage levels . On addition, communities are sensitized on the significance of environmental conservation, nature conservation, waste management, hygiene, and sanitation for health improvement. The resultant water tank of a given capacity as per the available funds remains as a donation to the work-camp site location primary school.

BUVAD also along with volunteers, conducts community training in work camps located at a community primary school, on constructing cheap affordable but durable toilets using waste plastic bottles as bricks, with a target of improving toilet coverage in communities while improving hygiene and sanitation levels. The resultant toilet building remains as a donation to the primary school which serves as the site for the work camp.

Volunteers to a work camp are expected to fund raise for funds to hire technical construction and installation personnel , buying a water well or a toilet or a rain water harvesting tank construction material and hand pump system equipment for a borehole well.

Butakoola Village Association For Development (BUVAD)

Project title
Innovative Health Improvement Work Camps

Project location
Kayunga District, Uganda

Stephen Ssemutumba

Year round


Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 18+

2 weeks minimum

BUVAD requests a small donation of US$75 per week or US$200 per month of your stay. This money goes towards transportation and administrative costs, which are very difficult to get funding for as most grants go directly to programme implementation. BUVAD will discuss the issue of expenses for your workshop/work camp on an individual basis and hopes that you can fund raise at your ease, an amount you expect to spend on materials from your own community, friends or organizations. BUVAD will arrange for 3 meals a day to be provided to you by a support staff at the office. Your menu will consist of local food and BUVAD will communicate reasonable dietary requests to your cook. The cost of food per person is US$65 per week but could be lower depending on the number of people staying at one time and any changes to the menu. Please be flexible and understand that BUVAD will attempt to minimize food costs to you if possible and as this can only be done on an individual basis, we use US$65 as a safe base of cost. Many organizations see volunteers as a potential cash cow and are guilty of charging extreme rates. BUVAD makes every effort to keep your costs to a minimum, as it is your talent and time that are most valuable to the community. If you are interested in volunteering long-term, BUVAD will discuss alternative arrangements with you concerning finances.

BUVAD accepts both long and short-term volunteers and has housing located in the projects field office centre. Our centre has a guest room inside the main house and 2 guest rooms outside the main house but closed up in a wall fence with a lockable gate. The wash room and the toilets are located in the backyard. There is a porch overlooking the front of the guest rooms where you can sit to read a novel in your free time, make gymnastics early in the morning and or watching the moon and the stars at night. A bigger group of the volunteers can be hosted in village families that provide a typical African setting. It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk from the bus stop to the Centre, or you can catch one of the boda-boda's (a hired motor cycle). The residence is next to Bukolooto trading centre that is characterized by small stores for basics and more specific staples like beer or produce. Even volunteers travelling to stay in families away from the centre/residence will be making their reorganization from the centre. If you are looking for a place to get away from it all, you will love it here. The residence is very quiet and you will rarely see cars zooming past. Take stroll down to the main road and make your way to the villages for a nice hike, or grab a chair and some fruit or a beer and sit out on the porch with a book. People are very curious and friendly and if you are in front of the house, you will have many visitors and plenty of opportunities for conversation. Please understand that power is regularly off rather not stable and during such circumstances the Centre uses hurricane lanterns for lighting, creating a very romantic setting for your African adventure. For those that will be staying with families in the villages, most villages have no power and the commonly used source of lighting is the hurricane lanterns. As BUVAD is in a period of tremendous growth, there are many expenses that come with this. As you make your decision to volunteer here, we appreciate any efforts you might make towards fund raising within your own community on our behalf. Anything you can donate towards making your Volunteer work as comfortable as possible is particularly appreciated. This could be novel books, laptop, solar lanterns, camera, construction tools, tools for hand pump mechanics, extra furniture or anything you can think that will make you and future volunteers feel more comfortable. Our volunteer residence and focal area are located near several locations you will want to make part of your schedule. Many can be done in a day and some you can make overnight trips out of.

How to apply
You can apply via our website or through our email address at

Please mention when responding to this ad.


4 Star Rating

'Awesome experience'

BUVAD is a small organization, but in every way a good one. Coming from the rural areas of the community, they know exactly what the people needs are. I have had a good time. Being the only volunteer from a western country among the local volunteers, made me have an amazing cultural experience. I have learned a lot about Uganda and everybody in the organization took good care of me. The people are all kind and helpful. You will have a great time there!

Tony Van Der Hiele

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    • Novel books
    • Laptop computer
    • Audio recorders
    • Solar lanterns
    • Digital Camera
    • Construction tools
    • Tools for Hand pump mechanics
    • Extra furniture
    • Fax machine
    • Scanner
    • Photocopier
    • Printer
    • Projector / beamer
    • DVD Player
    • TV set