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South Africa

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The Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) is a non-profit organisation that prides itself in taking care of South Africa's indigenous wildlife, both injured and orphaned. CROW is based in Yellowwood Park, and is a wildlife hospital and rehabilitation centre in Kwa Zulu Natal and release these animals back into the wild. CROW has approximately 600 animals under its care at any given time, all of which are wildlife indigenous to Natal, from birds and mammals to raptors and reptiles, and many primates. Their main objective is to rescue, rehabilitate and release these animals either back into the wild, or into sanctuaries. All wildlife indigenous to Natal is welcome at CROW. They have a very large selection of animals under their care, ranging from vervet monkeys, to tortoises, antelope, birds of prey, small and large carnivores, a variety of species of garden birds, crocodiles and many more. Volunteers help in the cleaning of cages, feeding and caring for the animals, assisting CROW staff where necessary. Special projects may include: observing animals in the rehabilitation area, building cages, animal releases, etc. No specific skills are required for volunteers. Volunteer are welcome all year round, the peak period is from November to March (baby season). We recommend that you bring old clothes, jeans and t-shirts and sneakers. The work you will be doing will be mostly done outside. In summer (October to April) there is no need to bring a sleeping bag. During winter (May to September), it can get cool so a sleeping bag as extra warmth would be advisable.

Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW)

Project title
Rehabilitation of Wildlife

Project location
Near the city of Durban, on the outskirts of the Yellowwood Park area, South Africa

Edward Bartholomew

Year round


Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 18+

4 weeks minimum

New bookings from the 1st August 2019 until 31st January 2020: 1. R360 per person, per day for the first months stay. 2. R310 per person, per day for the second months stay. 3. R260 per person, per day each month thereafter. As an example, for a three month stay (August, September and October): August: 31 days x R360 = R11160. September: 30 days x R310 = R9300. October: 31 days x R260 = R8060. Total: R28520. New booking from the 1st February 2020: 1. R420 per person, per day for the first months stay. 2. R350 per person, per day for the second months stay. 3. R300 per person, per day each month thereafter. As an example, for a three month stay (March, April and May): March: 31 days x R420 = R13020. April: 30 days x R350 = R10500. May: 31 days x R300 = R9300. Total: R32820. This fee covers accommodation, food and non-alcoholic drinks, training, your volunteer t-shirt, internet/wifi access and transport for fortnightly excursions as well as donation towards CROW's work. Please inform us via email if you require information regarding transfers to and from the airport.


How to apply
Please request an application from by writing to

Please mention when responding to this ad.


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