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The Deborah Ricciu - Espandere Orizzonti Primary School is run by the homonymous Italian-based NGO, composed by a mixed international staff. The NGO is a small but totally independent and secular organisation, with a strong envioremental and egalitarian commitment and is funded by some 400 Europeans. Aim of the project (started in 2015), is to provide a sound and secular primary education through the Cooperative Learning (from P1 to P7), to 35 orphans (20 girls and 15 boys), living in Kibiri, an extremely poor neighborough located in the southern outskirt of Kampala, some 500 m from the Lake Nalubaale (Lake Victoria). The school has only one Primary class (16 pupils) and one Kindergarden-class (19 children), since the we are focused in high-quality education and not in quantity. The teachers are Ugandan and European. Alongside the official curricula, we focus our teachings in art and crafts, sport, civic education, environmental protection, human rights and cooperative games, emphasizing participation, challenge, and fun rather than defeating someone. The school is a non-religious school. Our goal is to educate the poorest children of Uganda and try to give them a better chance in life and work.

We are looking for a Primary School teacher and/or Learning Support teacher. Volunteers work side by side with 2 other Ugandan teachers. Volunteers work 30 - 35 hours per week, Saturdays and Sundays are free.

Responsibilities (year 2019):

1) To teach in a P2-class of 16 pupils (aged 7 to 9), and help in the Baby-Class of 19 children (aged 4 to 6), together with the Ugandan teachers, according to the Official School Programs of the given year, using the school books and tests provided by the Government.

2) To support as Support Learning Teacher the general learning and understanding of the orphans, in particular the ones with light learning difficulties and slow to catch on.

3) To assist, cooperate and aid the guardians and the relatives of the orphans, concerning the overall educational process, trying to avoid or minimize the situations that can harm them.

4) To organize side-programs, after school and extra-curricular activities (such as sport, manual activities, drama, music, dancing, cooperatives games, plays) with the orphans of the school.

Deborah Ricciu – Espandere Orizzonti Primary School

Project title
Primary School Teachers

Project location
Kibiri (Kampala), Uganda

Roberto Schirru

3rd school term 2019: October, November, December and 1rst term 2020 : February, March, April.

Project start date
10th October 2019

Project end date
30th April 2020

Application deadline
1st October 2019


Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 20+

3 months minimum (equivalent to one school term), 9 months maximum (equivalent to 3 school terms, divided by 3 school holidays throughout the year)

Compensation Package: travel costs (from any part of the world), board and lodging provided. We also provide a 500.000 UGX per month salary (approx. Euro 130), the same of the Ugandan teachers. Volunteers receive a single room, similar to 1-2 stars room hotel in Europe or United States. Bathroom detached from the bedroom.

The applicant should bear in mind that she/he is free to organize and shape his/her own work, according to her/his experience and skill. Furthermore, working with children is a very demanding and tiring work. We are looking for motivated volunteers with a passion to inspire young minds and a commitment to ensuring that every child achieves their potential.

How to apply
Send an email to: or call: 0039-327-9122164 or skype: roberto.schirru.1969, or Whattsapp: 0039-346-713-4865.

Please mention when responding to this ad.


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    • We need all kind of books for children (5 to 12) in English