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Preschooling Kids From Struggling Families


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My organisation teaches (currently 24) kids from three to six years. These kids come from poor families, struggling single parents and local orphanages and have a place to stay before and after school. We provide free education in our preschool and we provide them with breakfast (porridge and tea). After finishing our preschool, we send them to the government school and pay for their school expenses (food, school-uniform, exercise books, bags and shoes). Our volunteers assist in the classroom (teaching English as well as mathematics in English) and spend time with the kids outside as well as working in the kitchen. You will stay at a room we provide for you at our school building. As we only have one room for volunteers to spare, we can only host one volunteer or a couple (in our shared room) at a time. An ideal volunteer for us has prior experience with teaching kids from age 3-6 (but not necessarily). To work for us a volunteer visa is required that can be obtained in Tanzania or with a Tanzanian embassy in your home country. The cost of that visa is US$250

Eastern Star Children's Organization

Project title
Preschooling Kids From Struggling Families

Project location
Usa River, Arusha, Tanzania

Redlais Makundi

Year round except June and December (holidays)

English, Swahili (not necessary)

Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 18+

1-3 months

Volunteers are responsible for covering their own living expenses. Housing on our school-ground is free.

Welcome to all and feel free to contact me.

How to apply
Applications through email ( and Whatsapp (+255766443572) are preferred.

Please mention when responding to this ad.

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    • As our only laptop is broken, we currently need a new one
    • English books for children from 3-6 years
    • Toys
    • Shoes
    • School bags
    • Writing exercise books for children learning to write
    • Chalks