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A volunteer at the PGFV has many opportunities to contribute to great ape conservation by becoming directly involved in any one of our field activities. Moreover, the project offers a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a remote, pristine region of central Africa in a safe environment. The PGFV is for anyone of any age around the world who wishes to experience central Africa and authentic cultural experiences while contributing to in situ great ape conservation in a safe environment. Located in south-western Gabon, central Africa, the Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Project (FVGP) is a PASA-accredited Gabonese non-governmental western lowland gorilla rescue center for gorilla victims of the ongoing bushmeat trade in Gabon. The project's mandate is to provide a secure future for gorillas rescued from the bushmeat trade and its mission is to help conserve great-apes and their habitat locally. The project consists of a forested enclosure (termed the sanctuary) where adult gorillas are provided lifetime care since they cannot be reintroduced back into their natural environment. The project consists also of a rehabilitation center where younger orphaned gorillas are managed separately in order to maintain their reintroduction potential. As part of its newly updated objectives, the FVGP wishes to develop additional programs that will complement its current conservation action locally.

Projet Gorille Fernan-Vaz - Gabon

Project title
Gorilla Project Volunteer

Project location
Fernan-Vaz lagoon near the town of Omboué and just north of Loango National Park, Gabon

Tamara de Juana

Year round

English or French

Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 21+

1 week minimum

Volunteer fee (includes food and accommodation onsite): 1 week: 200 €, 2 weeks: 350 €, 3 weeks: 450 €, 4 weeks: 675 €, 2 months: 1080 €, 3 months: 1500 €. Transport costs from Libreville to the Sanctuary (round trip) are approximately 650 €.


How to apply
You can apply email: Please send a CV to Tamara de Juana to

Please mention when responding to this ad.


5 Star Rating

'Sunrises, Sunsets And Gorillas!'

Imagine waking up to the sounds of African Grey parrots in the palm trees nearby. You step outside of your room to make a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise over the Fernan-Vaz Lagoon. Life is simple on Evengué Island, and it doesn't take long to clear your head and focus on the tasks at hand. There are few distractions here, and your work every day has a purpose. This is for you if you'd like to breathe fresh air, get your hands dirty and experience the Gabonese culture. The local staff are polite, soft-spoken and will be thrilled to speak with you if you know French. They will be equally happy to learn some English phrases from you. This is for you if you like to be "unplugged" once in a while. Some internet access is available through phone data plans but it is slow and limited (no downloading of large files or posting of videos more than a couple of seconds long). Cell phone reception is spotty. If you must be online or on conference calls, this is not the place for you. Life is simple but comfortable. You will have a flushing toilet and a roof over your head. You'll be taking bucket showers and will be able to charge devices while the generator is on every evening. If your work takes you to the sanctuary, it is a moderate 10-minute walk from the camp through forest and then savanna to where the forested gorilla enclosures are located. One of the enclosures is bordered by the lagoon. If you're lucky, you'll catch a glimpse of moustached or putty nose guenon monkeys in the trees anywhere between the camp and the gorilla enclosures. If you don't see them, you'll certainly see and hear their movement in the trees. And, of course, observing the majestic western lowland gorillas is the highlight of the day at Evengué, and it does not disappoint. This project and its team are doing fantastic work caring for the gorillas on Evengué and Oriquet islands, while playing a crucial role in conservation, community outreach and sustainable development initiatives. It was a privilege to work alongside them, and I look forward to my return.

Caroline Griffis

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