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Founded in 1991, Drill Ranch maintains 90% of the world's captive drill monkey population in 7 natural-sized reproductive groups of wild born founders and captive bred offspring. The project also maintains 29 chimpanzees, a guenon group and accepts some other native species for rehab and release. Project emphasis is on conservation and technical aspects of animal management and preparation for release. Most animals live at the field site in multi-hectare, electrified enclosures of natural habitat. An urban facility serves as quarantine, education site & project HQ. There are ~28 national staff. The project is involved in situ conservation, and works with government, communities and other NGOs to promote endangered species protection nationally.

Drill Ranch is seeking committed and skilled long-term volunteers. We're interested in a diverse set of skills not limited to animal experience or degrees. The most important qualities are a serious commitment to animals and their welfare, and willingness to work as part of a team. Expatriate staff work as technical advisors in support of national staff. They may variously be responsible for animal husbandry, veterinary care, daily operations, infrastructure and equipment maintenance, construction projects, administration, ecotourism hospitality, education and possibly community and government liaison activities.

Depending on qualifications, work is voluntary. In-country expenses, housing and meals are provided. Stipends may be available for highly qualified people. Preferred commitment is one year.

These skills and experiences are valued, but not required:

  • Animal husbandry, veterinary and/or medical experience
  • Practical & mechanical skills (construction, automotive, electrical, etc.)
  • Appropriate educational background
  • Developing country experience
  • Administration, management, bookkeeping, fund-raising, public relations & good writing skills
  • Conservation or development work, particularly in Africa

These are demanding positions, requiring determination and genuine commitment to African wildlife conservation. Life here is rarely easy. Positions may be suitable for a couple with a balance of skills, who will work independently, as needed. Applicants must be at least 25 years old, be willing to shoulder tremendous responsibility, and take direction while being able to make decisions, as needed. Commitment to teamwork and communication is essential. Daily routines may include long hours of often-mundane work, while being prepared to respond to emergencies at any hour: this requires a genuine love of animals.

Drill Ranch

Project title
Endangered Species Protection

Project location
Calabar & Afi Mountain, SE Nigeria

Liza Gadsby

Year round


Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 25+

1 year minimum

In-country expenses, housing and meals are provided. Stipend availability dependent on experience, please contact for details.


How to apply
Please email a detailed CV/resume, and a note explaining why you\\\\\\\'d like to work at Drill Ranch, to: Liza Gadsby at

Please mention when responding to this ad.


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