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Kipepeo Community Empowerment Program (KCEP) is a Community Based Organization, Non-Profit and Non-Governmental that help to spearhead community driven development initiatives and enable needy community groups participate in integrated activities to achieve quality livelihood and be self-sustainable. KCEP delivers its activities through the power and spirit of volunteerism approach to build sustainable communities / intercultural exchange and thriving villages in our country. Our main purpose is promote youth employment and information exchange among Kenyans and international communities (voluntary work-camps, short and long term volunteering) youth mobility, social inclusion, community development, promotion of peace among our diverse communities, understanding and unity of purpose. KCEP provides services in entrepreneurship and development, information technology trainings and empowerment (ICT), education (Kipepeo Community Education Centre) health and education in HIV & AIDS management and awareness, malaria and TB awareness and advocacy, rehabilitation of street children, supporting orphans and vulnerable children, deployment of both local and international volunteers to various community projects, community entrepreneurship/ community microfinance trainings and monitoring (Community Savings and loaning), capacity building sessions to youth groups, vocational schools, primary and secondary schools, creative and performing art, organic farming and agricultural activities, eco-tourism, environmental education and management.

The volunteer / intern programs available are:

  • Primary and Early Childhood Development Teachers
  • Computer Lessons Tutors
  • Community Microfinance Project
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project
  • Street Children Project Facilitators
  • Construction and Manual Work
  • HIV and AIDS Awareness Project
  • Work Camps
  • Football Coach for Street Children Football Club
  • Office Assistant
  • Fundraising Assistant
  • Organic Farming Project
  • Youth and Women Empowerment

Kipepeo Community Empowerment Program

Project title
Community Empowerment Program

Project location
Kima market, Luanda town, Kenya

Julius Khamati Kuya

Year round


Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 16+

1 month minimum

The project costs £195 per month per volunteer, which includes volunteer accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), organization administration support, contingency fee (emergency), project orientation and facilitation, orphans children feeding programme and 10% of this goes to the construction of Kipepeo Community Resource Centre. A centre that aims at empowwring needy community groups (women,children and youths) acquire life skills training and knowledge to help meet their needs sustainably.

Volunteers are required to have a mosquito net (which can be purchased in Nairobi or in Kisumu), torch/flash light, first-aid kit, a sleeping bag, a rain coat, insect repellent, sun cream, rain boots, hiking shoes,

How to apply
Please fill out our online application form. The form is available on our website under Get Involved Button or send an email to, and we will email you the application form.

Please mention when responding to this ad.


5 Star Rating

'Wonderful Experience in Every Way - I never wanted to leave!!'

Just the simply the best thing I have ever done. Living in the community of Kima and working with the people of Kipepeo was so meaningful and life altering. I have been home for three years now and I still think about my time there all the time, the amazing people I met and the lessons I learned. The people...I surrounded by such warm, spirited, enthusiastic people every day. I did not just feel welcome, I felt very much a part of the team at the project, as well as, part of the community. There was great ethos of team work and encouragement - everyone's opinion was heard and valued, no matter how new, young or inexperienced you were, no hierarchy in the project at all. I felt really valued and learned so much every single day - the atmosphere helped improve my confidence as I was quite shy at the beginning of my Kipepeo adventure. All the locals were very eager to be friends and loved to chat. I remember every day I walked down the street the project everyone would be very eager to say hi and wish me a good day. I was heart warmed by the kindness and hospitality I received from pretty much every person I met. It made me question my-self and my own cultural norms. It felt very safe in the residence and it’s a very calm and happy environment. I was there for just over two months, I wish I had stayed longer- coming home was very sad for me. The variety of projects and projects and flexibility of the leaders was so good – I got to be involved in some many different things. Kipepeo has like 10 projects running at once and you can plan your own time however you want – so you can just teach every day if you wish or be involved in them all- every day is different, unpredictable and exciting. I did talks at schools, taught computers in the community, supported street children (we played football and gave them a hot nutritious meal once a week). I also helped with a lot of admin work – designing posters, applying for grants, organizing events, etc. One of my favourite projects was women’s empowerment – we organised an open day for dis-empowered women and did a theatre performance, sang songs and gave advise and distributed washable sanitary towels (a lot of women can’t afford them). One week we did a charity run round the local villages and raised money and awareness for Kipepeo. I also had the chance to do lots of work with orphans and vulnerable children – helping them read, playing, singing games and once we organised a treasure hunt round the village which was so much fun. I also had lots of fun when I wasn’t volunteering and explored the city of Kisumu- I visited the schools, churches, an organic farm, went on a boat trip, visited the museum, had dinner at local people’s houses and made it to the pub once or twice! I also got to travel round Kenya with the other volunteers and it was fantastic to explore and compare different parts of the country. We went to the rainforest for the weekend and watched the sunrise from a mountain which was a very magical moment for me. The other volunteers and I also went to Lamu island for a week’s holiday, it’s so beautiful and we had lots of adventures and partying. There were 5 other over-seas volunteers while I was there from different parts of the world and there were also Kenyan volunteers. Everyone spoke English.

Laura Gamble

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    • Camera
    • Laptops
    • Notebooks
    • Pencils
    • Cultural exchange materials (i.e. flags)
    • Medicine supplies
    • Colouring books
    • Shoes
    • Clothes
    • Story books
    • Solar lamps
    • iPads
    • Tablets
    • Phones
    • Computer mouse
    • Electrical plugs
    • Projector
    • Power banks
    • External storage devices
    • Flash disks