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Welicar Educational Centre is non-profit community based school located within the slums of Dandora, Nairobi. Our vision is to provide free education, food, clothing, learning and teaching materials to the slum children aged four to fourteen years orphaned or otherwise destitute children living in the slums in Nairobi, Kenya. We are duly registered by the office of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development on 16th December, 2011. Our registration certificate number is A4732.

Since the school entirely depends on the support of like-minded individuals and organizations hence we seek for partnership through volunteer programs in the fields of teaching English, fund raising , nurturing talents of young learner’s among others. We are certain that when these poor children are given adequate and necessary tools that they need in life, "a good Education", then they will some return to give back to the community. I, Elisha Ooga the Director of the school was born and brought up in the slum of Kibera, I believe that even though I was born in the slum, but the slum was born in me. The same applies to any other slum child.

Even though we need volunteer teachers in school, but still we are open to individuals or families who would love to share their love with the less vulnerable slum children, playing with them, serving them a meal, helping them in their exercises, etc. So qualifications and skills is not a must.

Welicar Educational Centre

Project title
Educational Centre

Project location
Dandora slum, Nairobi, Kenya

Elisha Ooga

Seasonal, during the school terms January - March, May - July, September - end of October.


Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 18+

1 week minimum

We do not charge volunteers to come and work with us, so we jointly arrange for their accommodation and transport including pick up and drop off at the airport. The volunteers therefore need to cover for their own living expenses. If a volunteer chooses to stay with a family in their house, the volunteer will pay at least GBP100 which will go towards their meals (3 meals in a day). while living with a family, only one person or a couple can be accommodated in their reserved bedroom. We can also arrange for a secure and affordable guest houses when volunteers come in a group. Volunteers are therefore free to donate any amount to the school since our school entirely depends on donations from like-minded individuals. Any amount donated counts.

In any case a volunteer would like to visit wildlife or the Kenyan physical features, when not in school, they will be helped by our professional tour guide to get the best of their view. Our school runs from Monday - Friday every week.

How to apply
Show your interest to volunteer with us by contacting us at The Director of the school will help a volunteer plan their schedule and everything pertaining to the volunteer period.

Please mention when responding to this ad.


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    • Learning materials of all kinds as required by primary school learning, used computers, games kits for the children, etc