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Volta Aid Foundation (VAF) is a grassroots organisation that believes in supporting the community to help change people's lives. We work with our partners in schools, hospitals and children's homes across the Volta Region and seek to support their needs and that of the community.

VAF was established in 2010 before the ‘volunteer boom', and has coordinated over 250 volunteers from all over the world. What we do best at VAF is the reinvesting of program fees back into the community to support those in need. We currently provide education scholarships, hold regular diabetes and oral health outreaches, and provide on-going support to many local partners. Our newly completed workshop hosts an income-generating laundry business to offset our costs, and will soon be home to a women skills training program.

Our volunteer positions support these partners to achieve their goals. Volunteers should never take over jobs of skilled local people. Volunteers support the locals in gap areas and that is the way that VAF operates.

Join us now to experience our various positions including:

  • Teaching computers in a rural school
  • Teaching English and other subjects in understaffed schools
  • Working with children
  • Medical placements in local hospitals and clinics
  • Other specialised programs such as first aid workshops, diabetes work and micro-finance

Contact VAF now for the opportunity to join our organisation.

Volta Aid Foundation

Project title
Education, Childcare & Healthcare

Project location
Ho, Volta Region, Ghana


Year round


Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 18+

2 weeks minimum

VAF is a grassroots operation with funds being reinvested into the community through our social outreach programs. All programs include airport pick-up, accommodation and 2 meals a day. 1 month - US$500; 2 months - US$850; 3 months - US$1200. Program fees for longer durations provided on request.


How to apply
If you are interested in applying please fill out the online contact form on our website.

Please mention when responding to this ad.


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    • Medical supplies
    • Old/new prescription glasses
    • Children's books
    • Learning activities
    • Children's clothes
    • School supplies
    • Hardy footballs
    • Shoes