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Friends of Education BWINDI are offering volunteer positions in the beautiful village of Buhoma in south west Uganda. Buhoma is a gateway community to Bwindi National Park. Educate during the week and on weekends take advantage of the rain forest's brilliant scenery, hiking, waterfalls and even potential gorilla sightings or tracking (depending on availability of permits). Buhoma is about two hours from another national park, Queen Elizabeth, and if you want to see the African Savannah and its elephants and tree lions, we can help arrange transportation to that park as well. Regardless, we invite you to be a part of providing education to orphans/vulnerable children and change the lives of these eager learners. The experience will not only provide you a chance to make a difference in the life of students, but also will give you a chance to have authentic interactions with local villagers and to experience how we live. People come as volunteers but leave as friends. Our mission is to end the cycle of chronic illiteracy by identifying the most marginalized children in our partner communities and support them to access education. Our vision is to create a community in which education is not a luxury for the few, but a reality for all children.

Friends of Education Bwindi

Project title
Teach English in Bwindi

Project location
Buhoma, Bwindi, Uganda

Jeremiah Nahamya

Year round


Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 18+

2 weeks minimum

Volunteering is free of charge, however we ask that you contribute to your food and board. A local lodge is offering a 75% discounted rate to volunteers, at a cost of US$25 a day. This will cover food, and comfortable accommodation (self-contained rooms with flushing toilets and hot water). Buhoma also has a number of high-end lodges, and we are willing to help you secure higher end accommodation which can be arranged at a additional cost. We will help identify needs at local schools and provide you a range of options when possible. We will also advise guests on various transport methods to get to Buhoma depending on your budget. We are knowledgeable about local drivers, local plane transport, and buses and will make sure that you can experience the local community without being charged a fortune. We are happy to help you work with your budget to secure your travel to Buhoma.

We operate year round but are subject to the school holidays. During holidays career guidance programs are run. During this time the program would be adjusted accordingly.

How to apply
Contact Jeremiah at We are eager to address any questions you may have.

Please mention when responding to this ad.


5 Star Rating

'WOW what an experience. I loved it and was completely humble by the experience'

Friends of Education Bwindi is a fantastic initiative in the local community. I would recommend this to anybody. You do not need a teaching degree. The education system will gain so much from literate individuals getting involved. The staff at Bwindi Watoto school were incredible and I was very sad to say goodbye. I managed to track the gorillas at half price and the surrounding scenery offers so much potential to explore. The bird life and butterflies are out of this world and the local community are very hospitable. Jeremiah was fantastic making sure I was not ripped off. Experience this world heritage site at a fraction of the price that tourists pay by helping uplift and educate the community. 5 stars all the way

Gareth Lochhead

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    • School supplies such as chalk, books, pens, pencils, balls, dolls, reading charts and math sets