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We are looking for volunteers willing to serve the community in return for nothing. There is always something to do so if you are willing to come and volunteer and you think you don't have a skill needed, please contact us and we will discuss on ways you could be of help to us. We are a charitable organization founded in 2015. We believe in empowering the community by giving the skills that they can apply in their daily lives to earn an income and support their families rather than handouts. It is a good thing to give someone help but we thought we should go further by giving them skills because people can always apply the skills where they will be and at any circumstance. At Next Life, we are currently providing training in the area of Carpentry and Tailoring to marginalized boys and girls who could proceed with the secondary school as well as widows. We do community outreach and work together with marginalized groups like disabled and widows.

Next Life Foundation

Project title
Community Empowerment

Project location
Mbuguni Village, Arumeru district within Arusha Region, Tanzania

Laurence Laban

Year round


Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 18+ (children accepted if accompanied by adults)

2 weeks - 6 months

Our projects are free, however, the volunteers are expected to be responsible for their own expenses. These expenses include permits, meals, and accommodation, transportation and safari expenses if the volunteer chooses to go on safari. We will provide a free pick up from the airport.

The volunteers will also get an opportunity to chose to stay in a hostel or homestay. At the hostel, the volunteers will be able to stay with other volunteers but for those who chose to homestay, will get an opportunity to stay with a family and quickly learn the culture and the language. The volunteers will also during their spare time, get an opportunity to hung out with children or adults, engage into sports or go for walk to the mountains and down to the spectacular waterfalls. They can also get an opportunity to go swimming at the hot springs and enjoy crystal clear waters. The volunteers can also choose to go on Safari and explore several national parks that are available here like, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and many more. We will also be very flexible to the visitors and volunteers to make sure that their stay is memorable.

How to apply
The volunteers can send us an email if they are interested in volunteering or learn anything about our projects. They can reach us through our email address which is or and through our phone number which is +255755293563. We are also available on WhatsApp at the same number and facebook.

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5 Star Rating

'Our Most mission trip to The Next Life School was a wonderful opportunity to work with the local students.'

Our Most trip was designed to bring supplies and teach the tailoring students, at Next Life school, how to make feminine hygiene kits that they could utilize and in turn, could make for the neighbouring girls. The girls were excellent and eager students. We all walked away with a lasting love for this school, its students and staff, this community and for Laurence Laban the school president and principal. Our accommodations in Arusha at the Maasai Safari Centre with Cornelius was like spending time as part of his family. If you are looking for an opportunity to help a community to further their future success and hope to walk away with a life altering experience and love for the people, look no further.

Deb Dugan

5 Star Rating

'Amazing experience'

I have volunteered at Next Life on three separate occasions and each has been an amazing experience. The staff and kids are so friendly and welcoming. The programs are set up very well and it was very easy for me to find my place to assist. The connection that is made with the students and staff is life changing. I stayed with locals and really enjoyed it as well as eating the local food, which was very good! I also took advantage of going on a couple safari’s and going to the hot springs. They were also amazing! My heart is forever changed from volunteering in this community.

Elizabeth Ponto

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    • Sports gears- We have got both females and males soccer teams
    • Textbooks
    • Pens and pencils
    • Teaching aid materials
    • soccer balls