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NETHO, which stands for the New Tremendous Hope Organisation, is a small NGO and not-for-profit organisation created by Tanzanians to aid the vulnerable in the community, and help preserve the local environment. First established in 2009, we are based in a small rural village called Nkoanrua which is on the slopes of Mount Meru, near the city of Arusha. We offer a wide range of voluntary projects that people can get involved with for free with no previous experience needed. Volunteers have the option to teach in a pre-school, primary or secondary school, conduct care work in an orphanage, and plant trees in the surrounding area for environmental conservation. We can create a programme to suit individuals' interests, allowing them to combine different projects to ensure volunteers get maximum experience and enjoyment out of their time with us. Volunteers also have the opportunity to teach English to a small group of adults in the evenings, receive Swahili lessons for free from one of our members, and take traditional cooking lessons with a local mamma. Furthermore, we can arrange for medical professionals to help out in a local hospital, however the hospital does ask for volunteers to pay them US$150 which NETHO has no control over. We can also help arrange many activities which include going on safari to world famous national parks such as the Serengeti, trekking Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, tours to lakes, waterfalls, markets and more, and a short beach holiday to the paradise island of Zanzibar. We offer a homely, safe, yet cheap and basic house where volunteers can stay. Volunteers will be looked after by Joshua who is a tour guide and co-founder of NETHO, and will live within a very happy and welcoming community, being exposed to true African culture whilst living as a local.


Project title
Helping the Community

Project location
Small rural village called Nkoanrua which is on the slopes of Mount Meru, near Arusha, Tanzania

Andrew Ward

Year round


Who can volunteer?
Adults of both sexes 18+ (children/teenagers accepted if with an adult)

2 weeks minimum

No programme fees, however, volunteers have to pay for their flights, travel costs, visas, and accommodation which is US$225 (in process of making accomodation costs cheaper) per month, and living expenses. If volunteers wish to participate in our tree planting programme then they are required to buy the trees themselves which are US$0.32 per tree. Also, if medical professionals wish to help in the hospital then the hospital does ask for volunteers to pay them US$150.


How to apply
Apply by emailing our English co-ordinator Andy Ward on or our co-founder Joshua Kaaya on

Please mention when responding to this ad.


5 Star Rating

'Great volunteering experience'

Andy was excellent with his communication before myself and a friend travelled to Tanzania. Once we arrived we were so well looked after by Joshua, who met us at the airport and took us to our accommodation. The experience of spending time at a school is one we won’t forget!

Philip Brocken

5 Star Rating

'Most wonderful charity to volunteer for'

In small and beautiful corners of the world, small people choose to volunteer and are slowly changing the face of the world by making small but good works. Volunteering gives an understanding that there are very simple things in life: a grateful glance, a grateful eye that makes sense in life. Volunteering with NETHO for sure made sense in my life. Asante sana to all NETHO family for caring, helping, making the dream of volunteering come so easily true, for hospitality, advice, for being right here and right for me, for making it so, that during the very first days I already felt like home. Yes, thanks to you I felt like a real Tanzanian teacher. Thank you for being simple, understanding, caring and helping. Without you, this way would not be so easy to go. You made my way smooth. So, I can encourage everybody to do what maybe seems not possible to do, reach out for what may seem unreachable, learn to treat small and simple things as most important, make little to be abundant, respond good to bad; expect that it can be difficult, though it is still easy, turn small achievements into big ones. Small things can make this big World beautiful. And you will feel wonderful after this giving. Remember, that sometimes, just sunshine is enough to feel better. A pleasant word, greeting, glamour, warm wide smile… give this to people. It is so little to make lots of people very happy. And go out of your comfort zone – go, giving what you can to those who really need it. Dear NETHO family, thank you for having us, I wish your days be filled with the pleasant surprises, friendly smiles, good-hearted people and trusted friends. And until we meet again, let God hold you in the hollow of his hand. I had the experience that I will never be able to forget. I miss every moment, all people. My personal choice, my free will now will be to come back. Because we have only this one life! Pomoja sana!


5 Star Rating

'Amazing volunteering experience in rural Tanzania'

I learnt about NETHO after meeting Andy (one of the leaders) whilst abroad. I have travelled to Uganda 3 times and love the East African way of life. Hearing about NETHO seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit Africa again. My friend and I were fortunate enough to time our trip to coincide with Andy being there. This was a bonus for us, we stayed with him and he was very welcoming and it was great to have him around as he had knowledge of the local area. Although he is a Mzungu he's still recognised as a local in the village. We also had a the pleasure of spending time with Joshua, Baraka, Chris and Godwin, all absolutely lovely local guys. Joshua - who we spent the most time with was amazing and also hilarious and I was very impressed with how many languages he knew! We did lots of different activities while we were there including planting trees, teaching young children in a school, visiting an orphanage for the afternoon and playing with the children as well as more leisurely activities such as kayaking on the nearby lake and hiking to a waterfall. We even got invited to watch a football match on the neighbour’s TV. Everything NETHO strives to do has the aim of giving back to the local community. For example - planting trees, buying cows (to provide milk for the school children and eventually meat I presume), and of course having teachers volunteer in the schools to better the children's education / English. Where NETHO differs from other NGOs because it’s still quite small you know that all the money goes directly into the community and you’re very much integrated in the village. My friend and I loved our time with Andy, Joshua and all the other lovely people we met! I highly recommend this great organisation. Asante sana & pamoja sana

Lois Horton

5 Star Rating

'Wonderful and life changing experience based in the foothills of Mount Meru, Tanzania'

I joined NETHO from October 2016 to January 2017, having been disillusioned with many NGO's I had seen advertising for volunteers online. NETHO provided a totally unique and personal experience to work with local people in a remote village in Mount Meru and really see firsthand how my skills could positively impact the lives of so many in the village. This was a very important factor when I was deciding which NGO to work with, and NETHO ticked all the boxes. As a relatively new NGO it has been set up by a group of Tanzanians from Meru who wanted to come together and improve the village community, both the people and natural environment. Andy Ward who is the English Coordinator for NETHO couldn't have been more helpful when I initially contacted him about working with NETHO. He went out of his way to make sure I knew all about NETHO, realities of life in the village and how I could use my skills to best assist. I ended up running CV writing and interview skills workshops in the village, holding environmental/nature walks with the school class I taught and participated in the wonderful tree planting programme. On arriving in Tanzania, I was met by Joshua, one of NETHO's founders, who I now refer to as my brother from another mother! (or Kaka from another Mama in Swahili!). Joshua was like a brother to me throughout my time in Tanzania and a real credit to NETHO. He organised everything, collecting me from the airport, making sure I was comfortable and settled in the village etc. The village walks were my favourite, Joshua knows the village like the back of his hand, and walking at night was the best as there's no light pollution so the stars are incredibly bright and beautiful. NETHO is a fantastic NGO to volunteer with and I have very fond memories of my time in Meru - I hope this review has inspired you to volunteer with NETHO too! Boarding the plane to Tanzania was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

Lucy Wallace

5 Star Rating

'Awesome Volunteering Organization!'

Had an amazing experience with wonderful people! Through their help I managed to help many people and visit new, beautiful places. Netho crew is always ready to help with everything! Even managing a sports event in local school became possible! They have connections around the community and are well known and respected people! I am so blessed I got to work with them! Thank you for all your dedication to your community and help to is volunteers, who are trying to make a positive impact to this continent! They do not charge no fee for their help and accept you as their dear friend! I really made friend for life with netho members! They took me as their sister and showed me their culture. I was invited to weddings, church and other traditional celebrations! I felt love and part of their culture! But most importantly I managed to help for those that needed help the most!!! Sponsored talented girl that will get quality education! Introduce kids with multiple fun sports that brought them biggest joy! Build a hose to widow mom with small children and brought joy and education to orphan children! Loved being part of NETHO and will be great up for this amazing experience for the rest of my life!!!!

Monika Juodeškait

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