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Volunteer 4 Africa has some exciting news to share with you in summer 2019!

We are currently making preparations to eliminate the registration fee; thereby making our volunteering platform a useful free resource for prospective volunteers around the world. We also plan to 'unlock' significantly more project listings so users do not need to register with us to acquire more information and apply. This will greatly assist organizations in reaching more potential volunteers and donors. All the while, they will continue to enjoy free advertising and promotion. The upcoming web updates are a win-win situation for everyone involved. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for further announcements.


Existing members of our website will continue to enjoy the same benefits, including exclusive access to some projects. One of the main aims of this service update is to 'unlock' more project listings, not to offer unlimited free membership. We already have a large number of members and need to meet the requirements of some organizations. They don't wish to be inundated with volunteer inquiries and that's why we give them the option of a 'locked' project listing. This is not to say membership will no longer be available, rather it will be offered on a limited basis. Some people may be eligible for instant membership and guidance will be provided on our FAQs page in June 2019.


We will be streamlining the Volunteer Jobs page during the transition phase to ensure the accuracy of information provided. Any project that hasn't been updated for quite some time will be taken down which will reduce the number of volunteer opportunities and internships on our website. We sincerely apologise if this causes you any inconvenience but we need to ensure out-dated project information isn't displaying on our website. Many projects will come back online once the information has been updated and authorised. We anticipate many new projects in 2019 and beyond as news of our service update spreads in the voluntary sector throughout Africa and around the world.


We are always looking to improve our volunteering platform so if you have any comments about the website or service in general please let us know. Suggestions are always welcome and whilst criticism might not be quite so welcome we are happy to accept genuine feedback to help us improve our service. Without the financial support of volunteers through the registration fee we won't have much revenue to plough back into development and marketing, but we will do what is feasible to improve the user experience and functionality of our website. Our partner organization will initially cover our annual running costs and we couldn't transition from paid to free without their support.


We are seeking more volunteer reviews and feedback for the testimonial slider on our homepage (e.g. what our volunteers say) in 2019. Volunteer reviews enhance the credibility of an organization and their projects and will help recruit more volunteers. Everyone that submits a volunteer review or general feedback will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win £100 and free membership (for non members) or bonus membership (for existing members) to the Volunteer 4 Africa website. The deadline for the giveaway is midnight on Sunday 15 September, 2019. The cash prize winner will be chosen at random and notified via email shortly after the closing date.

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