Volunteer Platform Improvements

We are excited to share some new developments with all of you. Over the past few weeks we’ve been working diligently on implementing an exciting and important future site update.

We're keeping details under wraps for the time being so look out for a special announcement on our Facebook page in the tail-end of 2017. Whether you are a host organization or prospective volunteer, we are confident you will love the forthcoming site modification.

Aside from this major change there will be small tweaks to the function, structure, content, and design of the site. All the while, we will  continue to bring you a wide range of volunteer opportunities and internships throughout Africa. And of course, you’ll learn about volunteer  projects that won’t cost you a penny (aka FREE!). Our actions will always remain focused on budget-conscious volunteers and those seeking ethical volunteer opportunities.

We will continue to shine the spotlight on some of the lesser known grassroots voluntary organizations operating in Africa. These organizations are often much harder to find on popular search engines because they rarely have the resources to promote their websites effectively. They are often drowned out by the larger, higher-priced gap year and career break companies because they have much more money to spend on marketing and technical expertise.

We don't foresee any major disruption or inconvenience caused during the maintenance period and envisage a smooth transition to an improved volunteer platform. In preparation of the imminent web and service updates we invite travel and tourism companies to get in touch with us via email. We plan to dedicate a web page to some good quality African safari and tour companies, as well as general travel sites such as flight and travel insurance providers.

Similarly, we are calling on members to submit feedback for the testimonial slider on homepage or provide brief feedback for the information page for volunteers. 'Testimonial' respondents will automatically qualify for new services when made available this summer and will receive a couple of bonus gifts in association with affiliated organisations. We are incredibly grateful for feedback and any help in spreading the word about our organization and activities.


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