How To Find Paid Volunteer Jobs Abroad

You want to expand your horizons and see volunteer work in other countries as an option to experience and learn new things. It will also give you the chance to travel and apply your expertise. You are just trying to figure out how to cover the costs related to working overseas on a voluntary basis. Good news, there are paid volunteer jobs abroad that will not only finance your trip, pay for administrative expenses including board and lodging, but also pay a monthly stipend or allowance. You get to work and help people but also get paid to do so. There aren’t many organizations offering these types of programs, but there are international institutions that supplement their volunteers’ financial security while working abroad.

Peace Corps (PC) is a volunteer work program that pays for everything including airfare, room and board, healthcare benefits and a stipend while in the program and even after the work is finished, while you are settling back in the U.S. It has a different process and requirements from other volunteer programs. PC volunteers have limited job experiences and are placed on ongoing long-term projects rather than short term projects like those offered by other organizations with paid volunteer programs. Other benefits of PC volunteers are Student Loan Deferment and Special Scholarship Programs.

United Nations (UN) Volunteers is more skill specific than the PC. It requires applicants to be over the age of 25, with a bachelor’s degree and two-years work experience. They are expected to be highly skilled with previous experience in volunteer work abroad and proficiency in English, Spanish or French (highly preferred). Your airfare, fees, board and lodging are paid by the UN, including a monthly allowance to cover your expenses while working on the project. UN volunteer positions are available in an on demand-driven basis wherein you’ll fill in the position of vacancy available that you are qualified. When you apply as a volunteer, your CV and application are added to their database and you then wait until a matching position with your qualifications turn up. You might have to wait a while to receive a position. The program ensures that your skills are applicable to the job post and the needs of the community will be met by those skills.

International Executive Service Corps has the same placement process as UN Volunteers, gathering volunteers in a database and placing them on specific programs on a time frame. Their focus is on boosting economies on a community scale and developing small businesses. They also collaborate with US AID on community development projects on sustainable farming and agricultural applications. They target volunteers who have jobs but can take time off for volunteer work abroad.

Other organizations that offer paid volunteer work abroad are Volunteer Latin America, World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farms (WWOOF), HelpX and of course Volunteer 4 Africa. Each program offers a different package of volunteer jobs abroad, dynamics and positions.

Paid volunteer jobs abroad offer you the best of both worlds, you get to expand your experiences, network of friends and help people in need whilst getting paid to do it. Check out these organizations for more details of their programs.

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