Welcome to our New Website

After many months of hard work we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website. It’s still very much a work in progress and we shall be adding more content on a ongoing basis.

As you can see the site has been completely overhauled with variety of new features, including a blog. We consulted with our partner organizations and members about several design proposals and to get their general feedback. We wanted to take on board everyone's opinion before formulating a plan. The layout and functionality of this website is a direct result of this consultation process.

The project listings are now more beautiful and dynamic and come with a photograph gallery, Google map, web link, volunteer review section, and contact form with option to upload CV. Organizations are now able to login to our site to add/update project listings and we help them with the admin so they can concentrate on what matters most.

Aside from searching for projects the user experience is now more interactive with the option to submit blogs, leave project reviews, and vote for organizations. A vastly improved search area has made the site more user-friendly, allowing members to filter projects by countries, project type and duration, or a combination of all three. There is also the option to search for specific keywords.

We thank you for your patience while we redesigned our website and hope you agree the wait was worth it! We encourage you to explore the new site and welcome any comments or questions.

Get in touch if you encounter any problems/errors so we can iron out the inevitable early glitches that accompany a new site.

A special thanks goes out to Steven at Web Breakfast Design, who has been instrumental in bringing this website into fruition.


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