How to Find Jobs in South Africa

If you are interested in looking for ways to find jobs in South Africa, you have to remember that foreigners have to get hold of a job offer before they can put in an application for a work permit in this country. If you want to land a job here, you have to start searching for jobs online.

You can also acquire in-house magazines of various companies and newspapers. Keep your eyes open for all internal and intranet postings through your network of acquaintances and friends. You may also chat with as many people as you can about your search for jobs in South Africa. Keep your ears open when you attend social occasions and miscellaneous meetings. You can try and find out if there are any work opportunities available for you that other people may know about. You may also contact professional valid recruitment agencies and call them to find jobs in South Africa. You may then forward your resume to them. You may come across few positions that may be ideal for a person like you.

There is a possibility of calling up some companies directly for which you may like to work for and check out if they have any vacancies or positions open for you currently. You can contact the manager of the Human Resources Department in these companies. You will get an idea bout the type of qualifications these companies may be looking for. It will not hurt if you forward your resume to them for any future reference and openings.

People who want to find jobs in South Africa have to depend on referrals, recommendations and networking. There are numerous other ways of finding jobs. Job websites will help but you have to be careful of those kinds of promises that offer you work from home. Some of the sites that may be useful to find jobs in South Africa are,,,, and

If you want to check the newspapers and classified advertisements online, then you may go to the Times of South Africa at and Mail & Guardian at If you are trying to focus for a work position in a specific region, you may access local periodicals that cover your particular industry and search for sites like Finance Mail.

When looking for recruitment agencies, you may try out or You may note that there are numerous job offers in South Africa that do not get advertised. Hence, it is wiser to make some speculative applications to corporations and businesses that you may be interested in.

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