Ecosia – The Green Search Engine Helping Africa

In a world where the search engine market is dominated by the giant Google, and to some extent Microsoft Bing and Yahoo, it can be all too easy to simply follow the crowd. Earning these tech companies billions of dollars a year.

Of course, there are other search engines, such as DuckDuckGo that are also popular. They offer certain features, such as better privacy, that the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo do not.

But there are other options, such as Ecosia. This is a search engine with a difference. Just take a look at Escosia’s tagline: “We believe in everyone’s power to do good.” Could you imagine Google coming out with a statement of purpose like this? It would probably be more like “We believe in everyone’s power to make us money.”

So why is Escosia so different? Well, at a basic level, Escosia is all about planting trees. It is a social company, operated by a small group of people, that has been set up to start tacking the global problem of mass deforestation.

The company measures its own success not on the revenue it generates, but on the level of positive impact it has upon people, and the environment they live in.

Planting Trees in Burkina Faso in Africa

Ecosia uses all of the revenue generate by inline ads that are presented in search results, to plant trees in Burkina Faso in Africa. This not might sound like something very special, they are just trees right?

But consider for a moment, the butterfly effect of replanting heavily deforested areas. The very ground itself is revitalized. Water can be retained instead of simply draining away, other flora and fauna will begin to establish itself once again. This will lead to wildlife repopulating the area. A complete reboot of what was a dead ecosystem.

It’s good for people too. It means that farmers have better access to grazing land for certain types of livestock. Improve agriculture will lead to the demand for more workers, thus creating jobs. More jobs will mean more money in the local economy. More money in the local economy means that community facilities such as schools and hospitals receive more funding.

Simply planting trees in an area that has turned in to a barren wasteland due to forestation, can have a positive effect on every plant, animal and person living in the local area. Pretty impressive. Ecosia calls this their "Great Green Wall" project. They aim to reforest as much of the ruined environment as they can.

Ecosia is Simple to Start Using

To begin using the Ecosia search engine, and start helping to plant trees in Africa, is very easy. You simply need to head over to Ecosia and enter the search terms you would usually use when you access a search engine such as Google or Bing.

Ecosia has also developed an extension for the Google Chrome web browser, which can be installed from the Ecosia website.

Overall, Ecosia offers a great service, a functional search engine, that instead of turning search advertising in to profits for shareholders, takes that revenue and helps one of the most widely exploited environments in the world. You can help too; you don’t need to do anything except start using the Ecosia search engine.

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