Best Budget Travel Destinations in Africa for 2018

Africa has a lot to offer visitors, with its heady mix of exotic locations, diverse culture, incredible sights, and areas of stunning natural beauty.

Despite just how much the continent has to offer as a travel destination, there are still some places that suit budget travellers in 2018.

Cairo – Visit the Pyramids and Valley of the Kings on a Budget

Many people fail to realize that Egypt is actually considered to be part of Africa. Cairo has long been known as an incredible place to visit. With access to the Pyramids and other world-class attractions, Egypt is a “must visit” entry on most travellers list of lifetime destinations.

Despite the popularity of Cairo as a travel destination, it is still possible to find some great budget deals in 2018. Cairo was for a long time, a backpacker’s destination, and much of the infrastructure that serviced these budget travellers is still in place.

Malawi – Possibly the Friendliest Place in Africa

Malawi has always been a favourite budget destination for young South African’s looking for a cheap, local place to take a short vacation. The budget accommodation options around Lake Malawi are extensive, they are also very cheap, except during the annual music festival.

Malawi culture is laid back, and the people are incredibly friendly. Combine this with the stunning natural beauty of Lake Malawi, the ninth largest lake in the world, and you have a perfect budget destination for 2018.

Dakar – A World-Class Beach Destination in Senegal

Ask anyone where the top beach destinations in the world are, and you can be pretty sure they won’t even realize Dakar could be on the list. This gem of a budget travel option offers a truly breathtaking experience.

A mix of local colour and top-quality beach life, all at a budget-friendly price in 2018. However, it is worth avoiding the time of year when the Paris-Dakar Rally is in town, as prices are more expensive.

Zanzibar – Tanzania's Take on Tropical Island Travel

Crystal clear azure waters, gently swaying palm trees, and laid-back island life makes Zanzibar a great budget travel option for 2018. Zanzibar is the location of some of the best beaches in the world, especially for people who enjoy scuba diving or snorkelling.

Although Zanzibar does have its luxury travel market, it is still possible to find some great budget options in 2018.

Kigali – African Wildlife in Rwanda on a Budget

No list of African budget travel destinations for 2018 is complete without a “back to the wilds” destination, and here Kigali fits the bill. If the thought of Africa conjures up images of lush jungle and exotic wildlife for you, then Kigali is your budget option for 2018. With its easy access to some of the most beautiful natural jungle in the world and a unique local culture, this is a destination that budget travellers will not regret visiting.

Ethiopia - Addis Ababa and Beyond on a Budget

Ethiopia remains one of the top budget choices in Africa. From Addis Ababa, one of the largest cities in Africa, with its colourful local culture and hectic lifestyle, to remote trekking in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia offers everything a visitor to Africa needs.

In 2018, Ethiopia is going to be offering some of the best value budget travel in Africa. Be sure to visit some of the top locations, such as the hot springs at Arba Minch and its stunning scenery, and the lakes of Rift Valley.

Morocco – The Gateway to Africa from Europe

It should come as no surprise to find Morocco on the budget Africa list for 2018. If for now other reason than its inexpensive access from Southern Europe. With Marrakesh being the first destination that visitors to Morocco arrive at, the city is fully equipped with a massive range of budget accommodation. Making it a perfect place to explore the rest of Morocco from.

For truly budget options in Morocco, stay off the beaten track and avoid popular tourist destinations such as Tangiers. Instead, check out some of the less well-known places like Zadora, on the edge of the desert and historic Volubilis.

Budget Africa in 2018

As can be seen from our selection of budget travel destinations in Africa for 2018, this is a continent that offers something for everyone. Whether this is exploring amazing historical sites, chilling on a beach, or trekking through the jungle. The fact that there are so many budget options makes Africa a great choice for price-conscious travellers.

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