About Us

About Volunteer 4 Africa

Our Mission and Strategy

Volunteer 4 Africa is a non profit organization that encourages people to support the work of voluntary organizations by direct participation or providing aid in the form of equipment and supplies. In essence, a one-stop shop for people interested in volunteerism or wanting to make a real difference the next time they travel by using their journey to deliver supplies to worthy causes.

We take a two-pronged approach to meeting the needs of and improving environmental and humanitarian efforts in Africa. Firstly, we provide a free advertising platform for voluntary organizations to publicise their projects; and secondly, we help them receive in-kind donations from volunteers and travellers. It is generally acknowledged that most voluntary organizations are dependent on the support of volunteers and donors in order to carry out their work.

One of the core goals of our organization is to connect prospective volunteers to worthwhile volunteer travel experiences without excessive fees. We carefully select the projects we offer in order to promote affordable and meaningful volunteer activities. We particularly like to publicise the work of various small, local organizations that rarely receive international attention. Our support for these organizations helps them tap into an international pool of potential volunteers and donors. It also maximizes the benefits for local communities by ensuring as much money as possible reaches the grassroots level of society.

We are proud of our green credentials and adhere to a strict environmental policy. Environmental best practices include using one of the greenest laptops on the market and acquiring 100% of our energy requirements from renewable sources. We are constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint and are fully committed to being more sustainable as an organization.

Meet Stephen - Founder & Director


Stephen has a keen interest in travel and extensive experience of the overseas volunteer sector. His goal is to create a mutually beneficial bridge between international volunteers and grassroots organizations. He is a regular contributor to a volunteer travel blog and has been published in a number of magazines including The Big Issue. When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends time gardening, walking with his dog, seeking out new music and cinematic treats, and applying critical thinking to everyday life.