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Volunteering in Africa should be about contributing to worthy causes, whether for the benefit of people, other animals, or the environment. Volunteering abroad should also be about making a difference without an exorbitant price tag attached.

Often, the hardest part of planning an overseas volunteer experience in Africa is actually finding information on reputable volunteer organizations and charities. Volunteer for Africa is an eco-friendly eBook that helps simplify the daunting task of planning voluntary and charity work abroad by providing precise information on some of the best volunteer opportunities in Africa, thus saving you endless hours of frustrating research.

  • Volunteer for Africa

    Volunteer for Africa (3rd Edition): Essential Guide to Volunteering in Africa and Providing Aid for Voluntary Organizations When Travelling Abroad.

    By Volunteer 4 Africa

    The eBook is available through the following eBook retailers: Amazon, Apple, Google Play and Kobo.

Volunteer for Africa is unlike any other volunteer travel resource guide in that there is a strong emphasis on reasonably priced and free volunteering in Africa. Consequently, this eBook is particularly useful for those who have been previously deterred from volunteering abroad because of spiralling costs.

Another key feature of the eBook is the opportunity to get free updates on the web and view new volunteering opportunities as they arise. Purchases of this eBook will get a username and password that gives them immediate access to our online project database.

Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from this eBook will go to worthy causes in Africa. By simply purchasing this eBook you will be raising funds for the voluntary organizations and charities listed within the publication. The most recent beneficiaries were Kipepeo Community Empowerment Program, Kalahari Meerkat Project, Helps International (HINT) Cameroon, and CERCOPAN (Centre for Education, Research & Conservation of Primates & Nature).

As well as providing information about volunteering in Africa for free or at reasonable cost this eBook also has a dual function - it encourages philanthropic travel by giving the wish lists of voluntary organizations and charities. Even if you are only planning a short holiday break you can still make a difference when you travel by using this eBook to find worthy causes needing supplies in the area you plan to visit. This eBook provides many gift ideas for travellers who would like to help in a more hands-on way.

Whatever capacity you want to volunteer for Africa - by contributing as a volunteer or providing aid as a traveller - this eBook provides everything you need to launch yourself into the wonderful world of philanthropic travel and volunteering abroad in Africa.

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