Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I volunteer?

We offer voluntary work opportunities throughout Africa but some countries have far more projects than others. Owing to our selection procees we don't offer voluntary work in some African countries.

How long can I volunteer for?

Most voluntary work requires a minimum commitment which might be a number of days, weeks or months. Each project has its own set of requirements.

Can I volunteer with a friend or partner?

Most voluntary organizations will accept friends and partners.

Do you offer voluntary work opportunities for all ages?

Although most opportunities for voluntary work are aimed at volunteers aged eighteen or over; there are some organizations that can accommodate volunteers of any age including children and families.

Do you offer voluntary work opportunities for all nationalities?

The projects we offer are aimed at all nationalities.

What about languages?

The predominant language spoken on most projects is English; however, a few projects require volunteers to speak French.

Can I talk to past volunteers?

You should always ask a volutary organization to give you the contact details of past volunteers. Conversing with an ex-volunteer will answer many of your questions and help you decide if a project is the right for you.

What type of projects do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of voluntary work opportunities in the environmental and humanitarian sectors, ranging from being an eco guide on a humpback whale conservation project to being a coach for a street kid's football club. Please visit the voluntary work section of this website and our Facebook page for various examples.

How far in advance should I apply for a project?

As a general rule you should apply for a project as far in advance as possible. Although it is possible to set-up voluntary work in Africa at late notice, by planning ahead you will have a greater choice of projects to choose from (e.g. more projects will have spaces).

How much do the projects cost?

We predominantly offer free voluntary work or projects where you can get involved at a reasonable cost. Please visit the voluntary work section of this website and our Facebook page for various examples.

How do I find out more about the projects you offer?

You need to purchase a copy of our eBook: Volunteer for Africa. The eBook comes with a username and password, enabling you to login to the member's area of our website (online project database) to get project updates and view new volunteer opportunities as they arise. Alternatively, you can sign up online to gain instant access to the member's area of our website (no purchase of eBook necessary). Please read "what are my options if I can't download the eBook" below.

How do I apply for a project?

You need to follow the instructions given in our full projects listings (not the summaries given on our website or facebook page) and/or refer to the website of the organization you wish to work for. As a general rule, all the information you need to get involved is given in our eBook and the member's area of our website (online project database).

How do I register with you to get login details?

There is no registration as such - login details (username and password) are given in our eBook (Volunteer for Africa) or are sent via email if you sign-up online. Only those who purchase the eBook or sign-up online are registered and able to access the member's area of our website (online project database).

Where can I purchase the eBook?

The eBook is available through the following eBook retailers: Amazon, Apple, and Kobo.

I don't have a Kindle, can I download eBooks to my PC?

Yes, if you have the Kindle reading app on your PC. It's free, and you can get the app for PC or Mac on the Amazon website. You don't need a Kindle to purchase Kindle books on Amazon and then read them on your computer.

How can I purchase your eBook if I live outside the UK?

Our eBook is listed on all of Amazon's Kindle Stores: US, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Spain. If you do not live in the UK you cannot buy eBooks from the UK site. If you don't live in any of the European countries mentioned above you will need to purchase the eBook from the US site which caters for the rest of the world.

What are my options if I can't download the eBook?

There is the option of signing up online to gain instant access to the member's area of our website. For a one-time fee of £9.99 you will receive lifetime membership to the Volunteer 4 Africa website. Once you have completed checkout your login instructions will be sent to you via email. Please click on the words join now to load the Volunteer 4 Africa online membership page.

Why should I use Volunteer 4 Africa to find a project?

You can read about the benefits of using us to find a project within our eBook and on this website. In short, we offer some of the best projects in Africa, including many free voluntary work opportunities.

How can I be sure that the voluntary organizations are reputable?

We are very particular about the voluntary organizations we work with in order to promote meaningful and worthwhile volunteer opportunities without excessive fees. Please consult our eBook for more information on this matter.

Do I contact the organizations myself?

You need to contact voluntary organizations directly if you have any questions about a project or want to apply. Volunteer 4 Africa is not a placement service.

How do I login to the online project database?

You need to enter the username and password given in our eBook (Volunteer for Africa) or sent to you via email when you registered online.

How do I use the online project database?

The search system within the member's area is very easy to use allows you to build an on-screen profile of your ideal volunteer assignment (e.g. type of project, length of service, the cost, etc) with an advanced search option to target specific keywords. If you click on any web address (hyperlink) within the member's area a new web browser will open allowing you to use the database and view the websites of voluntary organizations simultaneously.

Why don't my username and password work?

We occasionally reset the login details for the member's area of our website so you will need to contact us to acquire a new username a password. Please send proof of purchase (i.e. the order confirmation email from your eBook retailer) via email.

Do you offer any guidance on organising a volunteer trip?

Our eBook and online project database focus on voluntary work opportunities and organizational wish lists and don't go into depth about any other aspect of volunteer travel. There are numerous guidebooks and online resources that provide information on planning a volunteer experience and visiting Africa so there is no need to go over old ground. The organization you wish to work for will help arrange your trip to Africa (e.g. visa information, health advice, packing tips, etc).

How can I support Volunteer 4 Africa?

There are various ways to support us such as spreading the word about our work or connecting with us on Facebook. We also appreciate project submissions and reviews of voluntary organizations from volunteers.

What is a wish list?

A wish list is a list of equipment and supplies voluntary organizations would appreciate as donations.

How do I donate supplies from a wish list?

Supplies should be dropped off at a voluntary organizations head office or other pre-agreed destination. Please consult with the organization you want to help in order to arrange the delivery of your goods. Before stuffing your rucksack with any items from a wish list please ensure you check with your airline to determine the current luggage allowance to your destination, and to find out what baggage items are prohibited or restricted from being on the aircraft. If you don’t intend on travelling to Africa but would still like support an organization inquire about sending supplies via postal mail.

How can I add my organization to your network?

Please contact us via email to request a project registration form. We are happy to work with organizations in order to register their projects.

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